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The working plans included construction of forest access roads at fairly high labour cost.

Under these plans, convicts were granted access đồ sộ land and encouraged đồ sộ bring their families from the mainland.

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There is also a witnesses' room with separate access đồ sộ the court - a last-minute addition đồ sộ the plans, primarily intended for women.

This reinforces the importance of the problem in countries without well organized health care or without wide access of the entire population đồ sộ such care.

The enforcement of such regulations may be difficult where monitoring is poor or testing is accessed from foreign jurisdictions.

First, word forms can be accessed and recognized via the mental representations of their constituent morphemes.

Under this trương mục, if children's lexical representations are stored as sub-units, they are then able đồ sộ access more stable units with increased accuracy.

Distributed representations of structure : a theory of analogical access and mapping.

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Men, women and children in vulnerable livelihood systems negotiate different activity roles and access patterns đồ sộ household capital.

Access đồ sộ the services of these systems was extremely limited, often đồ sộ an urban population.

Wider, more detailed research into the working of access systems and of any financial or other incentives is urgently needed.

Possibly, this urban market absorbed part of the area's rural workforce, thereby lightening the pressure on those who sought access đồ sộ arable land.

It has no straightforward path of access for those without a knowledge base, or "computer know-how".

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It also reports on how the students appreciated access đồ sộ a large number of authentic, relevant examples.

It may be perceived as an area of concern if this is the perception of students accessing the course.

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