arrested là gì

Thousands courted arrest and were imprisoned in large numbers.

During this time he made the news for his assistance in a real-life citizen's arrest.

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In 2005, the people who were arrested for throwing a grappling hook onto the electric fence did not gain entry to lớn the centre.

The authorities relocated many of them to lớn other islands, and many were arrested.

She is arrested but released, due to lớn lack of evidence.

This expanded law will lead to lớn more questionable arrests, more resisted arrests and greater risks of injury and false arrest suits.

The investigations addressed such systemic problems as excessive force, false arrest, retaliation against persons alleging misconduct, and discriminatory harassment, stops, searches, and arrests.

At the same time, as part of that, they are daily, multiple times, violating the constitutional rights of citizens -- false arrest, excessive force, the fabrication of evidence, on and on.

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He is also suing the police for false arrest and false imprisonment.

The pair sued investigators, alleging false arrest, illegal tìm kiếm, slanderous statements and conspiracy.

Under arrest are two army officers, two soldiers, two policemen and 26 civilians.

Three persons present in the godown were placed under arrest.

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We're told he was pulled over and given a field sobriety and after performing poorly, he was placed under arrest.

While one of them is under arrest, the police are looking for the other.

She then reportedly broke down in tears because she had assumed she was under arrest.