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Buffalo and carp were collected closest vĩ đại the northern part of the lake where the illegal pipe discharged.

Fish which may be taken from the lake include largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, Black crappie, white crappie, warmouth, channel catfish, and common carp.

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Many states' departments of natural resources are beginning vĩ đại view the carp as an angling fish instead of a maligned pest.

It features a large lake, modest traditional buildings, bridges, islands, carp, dry gravel landscaping, and other symbolic features.

The most common fish are trout, catfish and nase, and some areas are stocked with carp and rainbow trout.

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The Black carp grows vĩ đại a maximum length of up vĩ đại six feet (1.8 m), and a maximum weight over 220 pounds (104 kg), generally feeding on snails and mussels.

In states where legal, Black carp can still be possessed.

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Carp are a commercially important species, particularly silver carp, bighead carp, Black carp, grass carp, common carp and crucian carp.

Black carp are not as widely distributed worldwide as the other three.

No state allows the intentional release of Black carp, sterile or otherwise.