estate agent là gì

Anybody—professional, non-professional, honest or dishonest—can rent rooms, put up notice boards and mix up in business as an estate agent.

The difficulty does not lie with the unscrupulous estate agent.

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I finally established that it belonged to lớn a local estate agent.

I tự not understand why a man cannot sell his one house and have both the advice and the use of an estate agent.

The estate agent enjoys a high public esteem.

The trouble is that a lot of people tự not make a sensible choice of estate agent.

The estate agent and surveyor had valued the house at nearly £20,000.

Though not without our problems, we have what any estate agent will say is the most important thing: location, location, location.

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All cases processed carry details of the estate agent and landlord.

An increasing number of people have a very good idea of the value of their houses and tự not wish to lớn employ an estate agent.

I shall not tell everybody where that is, because they will immediately rush to lớn the nearest estate agent and the prices will soar.

What is now proposed will not diminish some of the difficulties and wickednesses of the bad estate agent; it will probably increase those problems.

I asked an estate agent in a southern town to lớn pick a fair sample of houses for which he is responsible.

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I have the facts from an estate agent concerned in the matter.

The district valuer has to lớn approve figures agreed to lớn between the borough estate agent and the other parties concerned.

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