forward thinking là gì

That has to tát be a step in the right direction, but we cannot rely on a few forward-thinking councils.

Perhaps that accounts for the fact that he has not told us much about any forward-thinking policy.

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We welcome the task force's broad vision and the various forward-thinking recommendations in its report.

That shows its forward-thinking approach to tát health policies.

We can also appreciate the lack of forward-thinking in strategic road planning.

I believe that local authorities can be imaginative and forward-thinking in their proposals.

That would enable forward-thinking councils to tát adopt a broader, strategic approach to tát tốc độ management, which is denied to tát them by existing legislation.

The prize was for a leading university which produced the best, forward-thinking possibility for robotics based on known technology.

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Our proposal to tát privatise the tube network is the forward-thinking, radical step that will guarantee the service into the next century.

That shows that the changes we are making go with the grain of the more forward-thinking parts of the professions.

We have provided the framework for right-minded and forward-thinking sports people to tát create a launching pad for sport into the 21st century.

The more forward-thinking boards are already in the process of doing sánh.

The memorandum was intended for the backward as well as for the forward-thinking management committees.

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From now on we shall be benefiting from the forward-thinking of my predecessors.

We therefore need a specific, in-depth debate, which will lead to tát forward-thinking decisions in accordance with our current needs.

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