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Motivated by the need for more settlers, they turned a blind eye lớn fugitives' illegal status and permitted them lớn settle.

The gamble paid off as huge audiences came lớn antislavery meetings lớn hear the chilling and compelling stories of recently escaped fugitives.

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Although nothing ever came of this, it is interesting that the fugitives would have been arrested in such a high profile manner.

Rather, documents described workers as fugitives (taowang) or as having stealthily absconded (qiantao).

Shepherds were not permitted lớn quit, and if they 'absconded', they became fugitives.

To this over they repeatedly urged the government lớn return fugitives lớn their cities, and lớn abolish the immunities enjoyed by church and noble land in and around the cities.

Given this situation their only option was lớn become fugitives on their own land, which as mentioned earlier, had adverse consequences for the future claims on land.

If he reasoned, he would know that a fugitive carrying a birdcage is ludicrously easy lớn track.

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She argues that the multiple and fugitive selves in the novel figure the ontological status of identity itself.

The arrivals of fugitives, refugees or exiles in the border cities were carefully registered and included in periodical reports.

Secondly, good relations are certainly bedevilled by escaping fugitives, which is a matter that causes resentment.

I want lớn talk about the agreement on the fugitives.

Does he share my concern that, included amongst those seeking political asylum, there are those who are fugitives from justice in their own countries?

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Requests lớn trace fugitives and requests for provisional arrest which were not followed by formal requisitions have not been included.

Whatever theory may say, in practice the fugitives have survived.

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