fur là gì

Then they got đồ sộ a boucle sweater, which looked lượt thích poodle fur.

It's lượt thích đen ngòm spots on đen ngòm fur -- you can't see them, but they're there, all the same.

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This is true in the areas of raw hides, skins, leather, and furs, and transportation.

The breeders also built in loose fur, sánh any bites wouldn't vì thế much damage.

As a consequence, all that oily and waxy sebum, normally committed đồ sộ lubricating fur, hadn't much fur đồ sộ lubricate.

They used images of the fur and of all the internal organs.

Velvet is soft đồ sộ the touch, lượt thích very short fur, and feels lượt thích life.

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If you have expensive furs or trang chính office equipment, you would need a separate rider đồ sộ get adequate coverage.

The more people who live there, the more skin that's going đồ sộ be shed, the more pets, the more animal fur.

He bought his wife a fur, immediately started the firm that would make his name synonymous with wealth, and boasted that he never looks back.

Modern tradition prefers the more friendly idea of an old man dressed in fur and rags who gave toys đồ sộ good children.

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I'm going đồ sộ have my own line of luxury fur coats.

There's herring, too, pickled or prepared as selyodka pod shuba -- in a fur coat.

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