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Perhaps the liability to tướng neuroticism is relatively ' hard-wired ' and the magnitude of gen expression insensitive to tướng environmental variation.

Dream production is an automatic, hard-wired, regularly activated feature of human brain function.

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It seems that the threshold of pain perception is hard-wired into the brain.

The second possible distinction is that representations can be learned and reprogrammed, whereas instantiations are innate or hard-wired.

Quite diverse software programs can be run rẩy on this hardware, and, in terms of selecting among the broad cultural options faced, nothing is hard-wired.

While the user sets the first, the second is very complex and is hard-wired into the program.

Many patterns are hard-wired into our mind: we inherit actions and reactions that guarantee our survival.

They were, so sánh to tướng speak, hard-wired in human nature, although their proportionate strengths differed from one individual to tướng the next.

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This persuades that temporal experiences are cognitively mediated and are hard-wired in the brain.

These systems were initially not frameworks but had a hard-wired object language.

Moreover, producers increasingly lose control of their production decisions, as the management technology is genetically hard-wired in the seed23.

The communication skeletons considered are standard collective communication primitives (broadcast, translation, etc.) which are either hard-wired or optimized on many parallel machines.

This disposition has been interpreted as a "hard-wired" mechanism, in which the emotional experience per se is of subordinate importance.

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This is in contrast to tướng many existing rewriting-based languages where the term reduction strategy is hard-wired and not accessible to tướng the designer of an application.

For if our minds are hard-wired to tướng categorize lượt thích computers, as they claim, then our nature as embodied neural beings cannot matter to tướng selfunderstanding.

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