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Nearly 60 percent of all farmers lived in the highlands in the late 1980s.

They are found in ditches, ponds, streams (both highland and lowland) and canals.

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Numerous lakes of volcanic origin are found in the interior highlands; many of these lakes are surrounded by mountains and have high, steep banks.

The surrounding terrain is mostly loess hills and ravines in the north and highlands in the south.

Severe winds during storms can also cause damage, especially in the highlands.

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Highlanders started the better of the two teams, creating chances early in the first half.

Highlanders take first points on a very promising opening attack.

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The action is often about the severe traditions of the highlanders, such as blood revenge (vendetta), irad (bride money), and superstitions.

The houses are fully furnished giving the visitor a peek into the glorious past of the valiant highlanders.

Moreover, the well-renowned highlander changed the pace in the second stanza, where he fastened a deep guillotine choke that spanned for almost thirty seconds.