innovators là gì

In starting the chain of events which led to tướng the petition, who were the innovators?

After copying, it may move first or may wait for the innovator firm to tướng launch, depending on the costs and benefits of first move.

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The reduction of the cost of capital raises the equilibrium value of capital intensity, making the flow of profits accruing to tướng a successful innovator grow.

This certainly implies courage on the part of the innovator and probably countervailing emotional pressures, and stress in the society.

Since abilityto-pay is low in poor nations, tying the innovator's compensation to tướng benchmark year sales results in low powered incentives for work on 'unprofitable' diseases.

It is essentially human to tướng be at once an inheritor, part of a culture, and an innovator, creatively striving within or against tradition.

We want to tướng encourage true innovators with grants and publications in top journals, and discourage crackpots, but sometimes we cannot tell who is who.

Later the original innovator decided to tướng enter, possibly to tướng take advantage of the weak marketing strength of the imitator in that period.

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The combination of these characteristics placed this population within the realm of innovators and early adopters5.

The main consumers of interest to tướng innovators in high-cost technology are clinicians, hospital management, and funders (11).

Especially in the innovator and early adaptor phases, forms of action research can be appropriate.

This type of problem can arise because risk-averse innovators will try to tướng get full insurance.

The stripped-down aesthetic was also, of course, a function of the limited analogue technology available to tướng such early innovators.

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In this situation it reasonable to tướng reward the innovator with a higher price.

Second, the innovator's opponent faces a new outcome and may respond to tướng it in future interactions.

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