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In an early draft, the player was tasked with assassinating an insane commander on a starship.

The facility was later described as an asylum for the insane and refuge for the deserted and the most destitute children of the thành phố.

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The boy runs from the fog and into the church's basement, where he finds an apparently insane man bound in ropes.

Of course, there is also the theory that he is simply insane with no real logic behind his motives or actions.

His wife went insane, his family was shunned by friends and acquaintances and his daughter died of breast cancer.

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More research on control and inhibition mechanisms will allow further modifications to lớn the insanity defense.

Particularly, he made the distinction between dementia praecox (now called schizophrenia), manic depressive insanity and non-psychotic states.

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Federal law provides for the commitment of those found not guilty only by reason of insanity.

The visitor is encouraged to lớn think about the contrasts between sanity and insanity, between visitors and inmates, and between participants and observers.

Many themes are explored in the novella, including love, reason, sanity, insanity, and finally tradition versus modernity (not to lớn mention juvenile delinquency or bullying).