ivy là gì

The experiment was conducted in an area with naturally occurring common poppy and ivy-leaved speedwell populations.

The trend is spreading, lượt thích ivy up the side of a tower.

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Liên hệ results in a stinging sensation, which is followed by a rash similar vĩ đại that caused by poison ivy.

In addition, amino acid residues did not differ between the ivy fruit gall midge and the soybean pod gall midge.

The program's refined footnote and bibliographic abilities still target them, but much of the ivy has been cleared from earlier versions.

Cutting ivy from some trees around his garden he stumbled over a rusty animal feeding trough, receiving injuries which resulted in a long period of hospitalisation and convalescence.

I have used it vĩ đại clear brambles, ivy and the regrowth of tree stumps.

There are parts of the countryside where every second or third tree is covered with ivy.

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I hope that it will not be the sort of memorial that becomes completely obscured with ivy—the fate of many memorials.

To tear up old ties is very painful indeed, but sometimes old ties are lượt thích the ivy, which destroys the building that it covers.

It looks as though some of our people are in the position of the ivy clinging vĩ đại a tree.

Architects and civil engineers can only grow ivy in front of theirs, and hope that they disappear one day.

A tree surgeon has provided advice on clearance of ivy and other vegetation that covers the castle.

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I have been trying vĩ đại encourage the owners vĩ đại grow some ivy on it in order vĩ đại improve the appearance.

In my constituency, one farmer's ewes were eating ivy and ví produced many dead lambs.

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