joke là gì

Everybody gets soon tired of his new jokes, ví nobody wants vĩ đại see him.

Often, her appearance is a source of much derision and jokes; she is often ridiculed for having a square-shaped face.

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The Clip received a viral response for its clever product idea and hilarious poo jokes.

Believing the sequence vĩ đại be excessive and offending he pushed for some of the darker jokes vĩ đại be removed.

K exhibits a very serious demeanor, rarely joking or smiling and giving very matter-of-fact responses.

You have vĩ đại joke around and you have vĩ đại make it funny and you have vĩ đại kind of see the humor in all of it.

But when it's time vĩ đại joke around, he likes vĩ đại keep things loose.

It became a joke around the office, that eventually manifested itself online.

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She'll talk vĩ đại him and joke around or cut his now graying hair.

No one could joke around with us, because we were actually big, we were at the top, we were the best.

Have you ever heard a comedian tell a joke which everyone in the audience finds uproarious, except you?

You can either tell a joke or you can't.

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Everyone thinks they can tell a joke, but most will over-embroider.

He wanted vĩ đại make sure he had time vĩ đại speak with each person -- vĩ đại tell a joke, throw an elbow and pose for a picture.

He's the life and soul of the office and always the first vĩ đại tell a joke.