lapse là gì

Occasional factual lapses occur (for instance, the assertion that schizophrenia is more widespread phàn nàn depression), but they are few.

If a bill does not complete its parliamentary course in a session, it lapses.

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Such lapses may occur, for example, because the parent is still searching for the lost person, or denying the person is dead.

Other criticisms might be that the chapters are a bit miscellaneous and that the style suffers occasional lapses.

Similarly, simple venial mistakes or lapses in professionalism may be distinguished from those egregiously unprofessional behaviors that warrant serious remediation or dismissal.

The patrols did resurface in late 1937 but seem lớn have lapsed thereafter.

In any sự kiện, memory lapses are likely lớn present major reliability problems.

If the work is not begun within this time limit, the permission lapses.

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The" explosion" in and of the sentence recalls the protagonist's lapsed faith.

However, as time lapsed, each political các buổi tiệc nhỏ reached the limit in terms of making policy compromises with coalition partners.

Each chapter lapses on occasion into redundant observations which, while irrefutable, merely tư vấn existing scholarship rather phàn nàn offering fresh perspectives.

Examples of lapses in the monitoring of reasoning include statements implying that the lost person is simultaneously dead and alive in the physical sense.

There are several grammatical lapses and editorial control could have been a little tighter.

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He lapsed brief ly into a coma and died.

Before the introduction of stakeholder pensions in 2001, there were often quite severe financial penalties for consumers who lapsed, because of high upfront charges.

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