life span là gì

Indeed, lifespan is strongly influenced by reproduction and associated stresses, for which genetic variation has been documented.

Seminal fluid transferred from males to lớn females influences the egglaying and remating frequency of the female, in turn affecting the lifespan.

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The government would be required to lớn help persons live out a natural lifespan, with attention to lớn quality of life.

The primary reason is the long civilization lifespan and short usage of radio technology.

At a practical level there are some encouraging results from attempts to lớn extend the storage lifespan of some recalcitrant seeds.

The pre-treatment of cercariae led to lớn a reduced lifespan compared to lớn concurrently administered metal mixtures.

For the conceptualisation of expected gains in the second half of life, traditional lifespan theories can provide relevant notions.

Another has been a contention about the priority (and funding) to lớn be given to lớn research programmes that seek radical extensions of the human lifespan.

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The authors draw attention to lớn the fact that the number of individuals who experience a period of poverty during their lifespan is often underestimated.

He then follows the lifespan from childhood through adolescence and adulthood and finally to lớn old age.

However, its lifespan in the atmosphere is just a few weeks.

Although automatic inferences are ubiquitous across the lifespan, there is a developmental trend toward increasingly explicit reasoning.

The long lifespan of the host must be coupled with the slow rate at which trematodes colonize snails.

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Changes in the lifecourse that require adjustment may occur at any age, but some life transitions are more characteristic of later periods in the lifespan.

Until the creation there is nothing there to lớn contemplate, and once they have been created they exist in their whole lifespan.

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