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Each rule can have a mix of associated parameters, and once the rules have been chosen, maximizing team performance involves solving a global optimization problem.

A sufficient condition for the realizability of a given equilibrium is that it maximizes a well-defined entropy.

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Accordingly, the distribution that maximizes entropy in this case is, in fact, the uniform distribution.

Therefore, maximizing the proportion of leaves within the canopy will increase overall photosynthesis.

Under these assumptions, our objective is vĩ đại determine the dynamic server assignment policy that maximizes the long-run average throughput.

A final interpretation is that while maximizing votes is obviously important, maximizing the likelihood of being included in the governing coalition is more important.

When these connections are firmly made, then both our understanding and our ability vĩ đại intervene will be maximized.

Where such mortality is high, more rapid maturation can enhance fitness by maximizing survival vĩ đại reproductive age.

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The first generation of theories assumed that parties were mainly interested in seeking and maximizing their share of office, defined in terms of government portfolios.

More broadly the ground of the obligation might be characterized in the terms of a general moral theory, for example that compliance maximizes utility.

Next, we turn vĩ đại the cognitive critique, which complains that maximizing utility requires unrealistic capabilities.

Suppose that these consequentialists agree that the cautious but willing sheriff's action maximizes good consequences, and hence is the right action.

They try vĩ đại reconcile a number of different objectives, such as risk reduction and food security, with maximizing incomes.

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The rule for the partitioning was that within-period variance in growth rates should be minimized, while between-period variance should be maximized.

Congregating agents are expected vĩ đại be individually rational, by maximizing their local long-term utility.

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