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We see no other alternative but lớn cancel our order for…

expand_more Chúng tôi không còn lựa lựa chọn này không giống ngoài những việc diệt đơn bịa...

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I have no hesitancy in writing a letter of recommendation for…

Tôi không hề ngần lo ngại viết lách thư này nhằm tiến bộ cử...

Phòng tắm không với nước rét.

Unfortunately these articles are no longer available/are out of stock, so sánh we will have lớn cancel your order.

Rất tiếc rằng những sản phẩm này giờ không còn nữa/đang không còn mặt hàng, chính vì vậy Cửa Hàng chúng tôi nên diệt lô hàng của quý khách hàng.

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lớn feed and clothe oneself properly

lớn have a comfortable material life

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After 1840 it abandoned mercantilism and practised không lấy phí trade, with no tariffs or quotas or restrictions.

There was no race in 1998 and 1999.

A vault toilet is provided but there is no water available.

Long chassis cars came with different transmission ratios whereby the 1:1 ratio matched fourth gear and there was no overdrive.

There was no point lớn putting it on the record.

There is no doubt that this far overshadows the harm created by intercollegiate athletics.

When a book printed on acid paper turns lớn dust, there is no doubt that it ceases lớn exist as book.

There is no doubt that even at that stage he was a disturbed personality, with a history of significant self-harming.

There is no doubt that music would sound different today if she had never graced us with her talent.

It was no doubt also he himself who designed his own tomb, even though it was created shortly after his death.

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Rain was no longer sufficient lớn wash away waste from the gutters.

The gaseous phase no longer exerts significant pressure on the substance lớn be evaporated, and consequently, rate of evaporation no longer depends on pressure.

It still has an operational granary, and used lớn have regular stops from passing trains, but the tracks are no longer used.

However, the most noticeable change is that the format is a much-shrunken letter size document, no longer on the old broadsheet.

She eventually erased this power after she wished that she no longer had it.

Sacrifice, trust and perfecting what you bởi are important, no matter what you bởi.

Almost anything said or written about it, no matter how absurd, somehow, somewhere, some time comes close lớn the truth.

Ships, no matter the size, are called "boats".

No matter how much humanity cuts greenhouse gas emissions now, the emissions released now will have an impact for decades.

No matter where his dream takes him, he ends up back in the basement.

Given the importance of shelter lớn offspring survival and reproductive success, it is no wonder that a phối of common hormonal signals has evolved.

No wonder the eyes of the model are always slightly bulbous with a kind of childish wonderment.

Harder lớn say twice, no wonder it didn't catch on.

It was no wonder why the club was relegated again at the over of the 2011 season.

It's no wonder that these things frighten people.

no doubt

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  • to be sure
  • without doubt

no matter


  • disregarding
  • disregardless
  • irrespective
  • regardless