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However, some evidence suggests that household heads with college or postgraduate degrees were paying a higher price on onions, peppers and potatoes than thở their counterparts.

The concentric spherical shells, the sánh called "onions," constitute a size of carbon consisting of spherical concentric layers of carbon shells.

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While initially unnerving, his probing questions sought lớn peel away the layers of knowledge lượt thích an onion.

Thus, onions are a relatively high water requirement crop in terms of absolute water extracted and used on the farm (table 9).

Similarly, same size bands were obtained from test thrips specimens collected from onion and watermelon.

Similarly, considering the percentage share of the area under irrigated crops, this reflects that most of the groundwater extracted has been for onions.

The sauces are made of several ingredients including chili, onion, red and green tomatoes, and coriander.

The price series for flour, mutton, olive oil, cooking oil, onions, chickpeas, pepper, sugar, and wood were used in these calculations.

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A 50 % fall in the onion price would reduce net incomes lớn negative figures in the control and fully fertilized onion.

We have only begun lớn peel the layers of the hermeneutic onion: on its skin, we found protest; beneath this skin, complicity.

The former may be compared with an onion > (smell of) onion and the latter with an onion > some onion.

A 50 % fall in onion price makes the control and fully fertilized treatments unprofitable and reduces net incomes by over 70 % in the other treatments.

Settlers also planted gardens of onions, hot peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables on the land surrounding their houses.

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The process can be described as one of peeling an onion-layer after layer must be cautiously peeled away.

This pearly matter is secreted round the parasite in layers, simulating the underground leaves of an onion.

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