piercing là gì

Larger and heavier kêu ca a lyre, the cithara was a loud, sweet and piercing instrument with precision tuning ability.

It is a sap-feeder and uses piercing mouthparts to tát withdraw the liquid.

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The navel piercing is one of the most common body toàn thân piercings today.

The best alteration was the piercing of the north wall by two wide 14th-century arches.

Other sources say that there are no records to tát tư vấn a historical practice for navel piercing.

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It features a wide frieze pierced by rectangular eyebrow windows with ornate iron grillwork.

Pierce gave the woman his last five dollars and agreed to tát send the same amount each month to tát help the woman care for the child.

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The shallow hipped roof is pierced by two chimneys in the middle and a tall tower behind the front pavilion.

On top of the marble base was a rectangular capstone with curved sides, which was also pierced through the center.

Fragments piercing the flight deck hit three planes on the hangar deck, starting fires.