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Restatements (2d, 3d and 4th) and Principles of the Law, with Appendices


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Brand: American Law Institute

Copyright: 1950-2023

Service #: 22026005

Sub #: 21026005

Publication Frequency: Updated annually

Update format: Cumulative supplement

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Restatements (2d, 3d and 4th) and Principles of the Law, with Appendices


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Book - hardbound (Full set)

Book - hardbound (Individual volumes)

Restatements (2d, and 3d) and Principles of the Law, with Appendices is part of the current Restatements of the Law and Principles of the Law series from the American Law Institute. In each restatement, the authors, who are noted scholars in their fields, state what they believe vĩ đại be the consensus of American courts on particular points of law. Restatement topics are supplemented by annotations gathered in appendix volumes within the mix. While restatements state the law as it is, principles examine and analyze legal areas thought vĩ đại need reform, expressing the law as it should be. Restatements and principles provide authoritative sources of authority supporting a client's position.

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  • Interim Case Citations vĩ đại the Restatements of the Law semiannual cumulative pamphlets are also available.
  • Included appendix volumes contain annotations consisting primarily of case notes, representing published judicial opinion
  • The mix is cross-referenced vĩ đại the West Key Number System® and American Law Reports (ALR®) articles
  • Updated appendixes offer pocket parts and supplementary pamphlets
  • Summary of contents

  • Replacement pages

  • Restatement First Series (Out of Print)
  • Restatement Second Series
    • Conflict of Laws 2d
    • Contracts 2d
    • Judgments 2d
    • Property 2d
      • Landlord & Tenant
    • Torts 2d
  • Restatement Third Series
    • Agency 3d
    • Foreign Relations of the United States 3d
    • Property 3d
      • Mortgages
      • Servitudes
      • Wills and Other Donative Transfers
    • Suretyship and Guaranty 3d
    • The Law Governing Lawyers 3d
    • Torts 3d
      • Apportionment of Liability
      • Liability for Physical and Emotional Harm
      • Products Liability
    • Trusts 3d
    • Unfair Competition 3d
  • Principles of the Law
    • Aggregate Litigation
    • Corporate Governance
    • Family Dissolution
    • Intellectual Property (Internet Law)
    • Software Contracts
  • Model Code of Evidence (Although not a Restatement of the Law, this codification is included as part of this set)

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