run nghĩa là gì

Cơ khí & công trình

khoảng chạy (máy)
trình độ
tuyến đường

Giao thông & vận tải

chạy (tàu)
chạy bên trên đường
hành trình bên trên đường

Hóa học tập & vật liệu

chạy/ hoạt động/vận hành

Giải mến EN: Any of numerous actions or features that are thought of as analogous to tướng the physical action of running, as by being swift or uninterrupted, by following a certain path, and sánh on; specific uses include: the amount of feed used in an industrial process during a specified time.

Giải mến VN: Một loạt những sinh hoạt được nghĩ rằng tương tự động như sinh hoạt vật lý cơ bám theo một lối cố định; dùng trong những tình huống cung cấp trong những tiến độ công nghiệp vô một thời hạn xác lập.

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Ô tô

chảy trở nên vệt

Toán & tin cẩn

thực hiện nay (chương trình)

Xây dựng

nhịp cầu ở ngang (của một mùa bậc thang hoặc của cái nghiêng)
loang lổ (màu sắc)
vẽ cầu thang

Y học

mạch chạy


chạy (máy)

Giải mến VN: Thực hiện nay một lịch trình vô PC năng lượng điện tử.

Kỹ thuật công cộng

bước chạy
chu trình
khai thác
độ dốc
đoạn ống
đường chạy
sự chạy
sự chạy chương trình
sự chạy suốt
sử dụng
sự thực hiện việc
sự tác động
sự thao tác
sự thi đua hành
sự thực hiện
sự thực thi
sự vận hành
tiến trình
trình tự
vận hành

Kinh tế

bãi nuôi súc vật
bãi rào kín (để chăn nuôi)
bảng thời giá
bầy (cá)
buôn lậu
chạy, hoạt động quay
chiều hướng
chở lậu (rượu, vũ trang...)
có giá chỉ trị
có hiệu lực hiện hành (từ, trong tầm...)
cối nghiền thớt
đẳng cung cấp (hàng hóa)
đăng lên báo (một lăng xê...)
điều hành
điều khiển
đổ xô
đồng cỏ
giành mua
nhu cầu lớn
phần cuối đuôi tàu
quản lý (một siêu thị, một việc sale, một tờ báo...)
quãng lối đi
rút chi phí sản phẩm loạt
sự sập xô tới
sự yên cầu nhiều
thời giá
thời hạn
trông coi
tuyến đường
xu thế (của thị ngôi trường...)

Đồng nghĩa Tiếng Anh

Sprint, race, scamper, scurry, scud, dart, bolt, dash,flit, tear (along), scoot, scuttle, zip, whiz or whizz, gallop,jog, trot, lope; rush, hurry (up), hasten, scramble, hustle,step lively, hop (to) it, step on it, put on some tốc độ, Archaichie, Colloq get a move on, hoof it, leg it, hotfoot (it), stirones stumps, Brit hare, US step on the gas, hump (it), Slangget cracking, US get the lead out (of ones pants or taboo ass),Chiefly US get a wiggle on: If you run rẩy, you might catch herbefore she gets on the train.
Run away or off, flee, escape,take flight, take to tướng ones heels, bolt, decamp, make off, clearout, show a clean pair of heels, abscond, cut and run rẩy, (beat a(hasty)) retreat, retire, make a getaway, (make a) run rẩy for it,Colloq beat it, scram, skedaddle, take off, skip (out), takeFrench leave, fly the coop, Slang head for the hills, Britscarper, vì thế a bunk, US and Canadian take a (run-out) powder, lamout of (somewhere), take it or go on the lam, US vamoose: Theminute the enemy appeared, the entire troop ran. Cavendish ran,hoping the police wouldnt catch him. 3 go, cover, pass over,sprint, race: He ran the mile in just under four minutes.
Wander, rove, roam, meander, drift: Some farmers allow theiranimals to tướng run rẩy không tính phí, rather kêu ca penning them up. 5 Often, runfor. compete (for), be a candidate (for), vie, struggle,contend, fight (for), stand (for): As she has already said shewould not stand again, I doubt that she will run rẩy for re-electionin the council elections. 6 pass, flow, pour, stream, flood,gush, spill, dribble, spurt, issue, move, trickle, seep,discharge, cascade, spout: You can see where the rainwater hasrun down this crack in the roof and into the room below. 7 flow,diffuse: The colour ran when he washed his red underwear withsome white shirts in very hot water. 8 melt, liquefy, dissolve,fuse: It was sánh hot that the icing on top of the cake began tomelt and run rẩy down the sides. 9 keep, maintain, tư vấn, sustain,manage: It is very expensive to tướng run rẩy a large house.
Operate,manage, direct, supervise, oversee, conduct, superintend,control, handle, manipulate, head, carry on, lead, regulate,take care of, look after, administer, be in charge of,coordinate: She must be a terrifically high achiever to tướng run rẩy ahuge international conglomerate lượt thích that! 11 operate, perform,function, work, tick, go: Even after all that abuse, the watchkept running and kept good time. 12 extend, stretch, reach;amount, add up, total up, come (up): The balance of paymentsdeficit is running to tướng twice last years figure. His bill at therestaurant last night ran to tướng more kêu ca œ200. 13 convey,transport, give (someone) a lift, drive, take, bring: Tom saidhe would run rẩy bu trang chủ in his new siêu xe.
Bootleg, smuggle, dealor traffic in, Chiefly US and Canadian rustle: DuringProhibition, his father ran whisky from Canada to tướng the US.
Bein effect or force, be effective, have force or effect: Thislease has another year to tướng run rẩy.
Incur, invite, encourage,attract, be subjected to: Arent you running a risk askingSheila to tướng handle your money?
Propel, drive; steer, guide,navigate: If you are inept enough to tướng run rẩy a boat aground, atleast have the sense to tướng vì thế it at low tide. 18 unravel, comeundone, Chiefly Brit ladder: My stocking ran just before I hadto leave for the dance!
Sometimes, run rẩy off. print, offset,lithograph, reproduce, publish, display; imprint, position,place, locate, lắc out: They are going to tướng run rẩy his story in thenext issue of The Londoner! Well run rẩy the photographs of thefire alongside the article on page one. đôi mươi run rẩy across. meet (upwith), run rẩy into, come across, find, stumble on or upon, hit orchance or happen upon, Colloq bump into: Guess whom I ranacross at Harrods yesterday.
Run after. chase, pursue, goafter, court, woo, Colloq mix ones cap for: The City is filledwith young men and women running after big money. Mick isrunning after this girl half his age, and he hasnt a clue thatshes leading him on. 22 run rẩy along. go away, leave, Slang getlost: Sue wanted to tướng get rid of Wayne and told him to tướng run rẩy along.23 run rẩy around. philander, be unfaithful, gallivant, Colloq sleeparound, play the field: How does she cope with his constantrunning around?
Run around with. associate with, spend timewith, dally with, consort with: Cynthia is running around witha bad crowd these days.
Run away. See 2, above.
Rundown. a trace, track, hunt, stalk, follow, pursue, dog, shadow;find, locate, track down, discover: We ran down the suspect inan abandoned barn in Little Fakenham. b criticize, decry,defame, vilify, disparage, deprecate, depreciate, denigrate,Colloq knock, pan: If you keep running him down lượt thích that helldevelop an inferiority complex before hes seven. c weaken,tire, expire, play (itself) out, burn out, run rẩy out, fail, Colloqpeter out: Once the batteries have run rẩy down, we will no longerbe able to tướng transmit a distress-signal. d strike, hit, smash orcrash or slam into, run rẩy over, knock over or down, collide with:On the way trang chủ, he almost ran down a boy on a bicycle.
Runin. arrest, take into custody, jail, apprehend, take or bringin, Colloq pinch, nab, pull in, bust, collar, Brit nick: Thisis the third time this week that Minette has been run rẩy in forsoliciting. 28 run rẩy into. See đôi mươi, above.
Run off. a See 2,above. b duplicate, print, copy, turn out, produce, make,manufacture, generate, Colloq vì thế, churn out: How quickly canyou run rẩy off 1000 copies of this brochure?
Run out. a beexhausted, expire, terminate, (come or draw to tướng a) close, over,cease: The time for renewing your subscription has run rẩy out. bfinish, go, be exhausted, be used up, Colloq peter out: Thefood had run rẩy out and we had no water when we were rescued.
Run out of. use up, consume, eat up, exhaust, be out of: Weverun out of milk - can you nip down to tướng the cửa hàng and get some? 32run out on. desert, abandon, leave high and dry, forsake, leavein the lurch, leave holding the baby: Despite all his promises,Edgar ran out on her when she became pregnant. 33 run rẩy over. aSee 26 (d), above. b scan, run rẩy through, go over, look over,flip or leaf or thumb through, look at, skim (through), browsethrough, dip into, review: I promised Casey I would run rẩy overhis article if I had the time. c overflow, spill (over), brimover, slosh over, pour over; extend, reach, spread over, stretchover; exceed, go beyond, overreach, overshoot, surpass,transcend: She accidentally let the bath run rẩy over, ruining theceiling below. This article will run rẩy over onto the next page.McClelland always runs over the time allotted to tướng his part of theproceedings. d rehearse, run rẩy through, repeat, practise, review,go over, study, learn, memorize: Youd best run rẩy over yourspeech again before the banquet.
Run through. a pierce,stab, transfix, stick, spit: In the last scene, the hero runsthe villain through with his sword before succumbing to tướng his ownwounds. b squander, consume, use up, waste, fritter away,exhaust, deplete, spend, dissipate, throw away, Slang blow: Itdidnt take Hugh more kêu ca a year to tướng run rẩy through hisinheritance. c See 33 (b), above.
Sprint, dash, race, jog, trot: They go for a two-milerun every morning before breakfast.
Trip, journey, visit,drive, expedition, trek, outing, excursion, jaunt, junket,sojourn, Colloq spin, joyride: He has to tướng make a run rẩy over toParis for the weekend, supposedly on business. 37 route,routine, circuit, passage, trip, cycle, round; beat: I was onthe Murmansk run rẩy during the war.
Period, spate, interval,time, spell, stretch, course; engagement, booking, Colloq patch:Roger has had a run rẩy of bad luck and could use some help. Theshow had a long run rẩy on Broadway. 39 access, freedom, liberty:The children had the run rẩy of the house for a week while theirparents were away. 40 return, satisfaction, reward, recompense,compensation, requital, expiation, atonement, repayment,remuneration: Although the odds are never in your favour, youget a good run rẩy for your money at Diamond Lils GamblingEmporium. 41 series, sequence, stream, spate, string,succession, progression: Will attributed his poor showing atthe tournament to tướng a bad run rẩy of cards. 42 stream, brook, runnel,creek, rill, rivulet, Brit beck, Scots burn, US branch, kill:There is a small run rẩy at the bottom of the hill.
Demand,call, request: Bouillon cubes seem to tướng have enjoyed quite a runlately.
Type, category, class, kind, sort: Mark seems to tướng bea bit more refined kêu ca the usual run rẩy of guest at Lisasparties. 45 trail, track, piste, path, slope; way, runway: Sheskied down the north run rẩy in record time.
Enclosure, yard,pen, compound, runway; paddock; pound: There is a good-sizedrun at the kennel where we board the dogs when we go on holiday.47 Music roulade, cadenza, arpeggio, riff: The soprano treatedus to tướng a marvellous run rẩy in which each note was distinct and pure.48 in the long run rẩy. eventually, finally, after all, ultimately,in (due) time, in due course, in fine, in the over, at the over ofthe day, in the final analysis, all things considered, when allis said and done: Regardless of early troubles, things alwaysseem to tướng turn out all right in the long run rẩy in his plays. 49 onthe run rẩy. a hastily, in haste, hurriedly, while under way, in ahurry, at tốc độ, in a rush: It isnt supposed to tướng be good foryou to tướng eat breakfast on the run rẩy every day. b on the loose,fleeing, escaping, running, in flight, running (away), Slang USon the lam: He was on the run rẩy from the police and desperate tofind Duncan. c running, retreating, on the move or the go:They kept the enemy on the run rẩy for a week.
The runs.diarrhoea, dysentery, upset stomach, Jocular tummy rot, Delhibelly, Aztec hop, turista or tourista, Mexican foxtrot ortwo-step or toothache, Montezumas revenge, curse of Montezuma,Rangoon runs, Tokyo trots, Lambeth run(s): I came down with theruns when we got to tướng Ankara.


V. & n.
V. (running; past ran; past part. run) 1 intr. gowith quick steps on alternate feet, never having both or allfeet on the ground at the same time.
Intr. flee, abscond.
Intr. go or travel hurriedly, briefly, etc.
Intr. a advanceby or as by rolling or on wheels, or smoothly or easily. b bein action or operation (left the engine running).
Intr. becurrent or operative; have duration (the lease runs for 99years).
Intr. (of a bus, train, etc.) travel or be travellingon its route (the train is running late).
Intr. (of a play,exhibition, etc.) be staged or presented (is now running at theApollo).
Intr. extend; have a course or order or tendency(the road runs by the coast; prices are running high).
Aintr. compete in a race. b intr. finish a race in a specifiedposition. c tr. compete in (a race).
Intr. (often foll. byfor) seek election (ran for president).
A intr. (of a liquidetc. or its container) flow or be wet; drip. b tr. flow with.12 tr. a cause (water etc.) to tướng flow. b fill (a bath) withwater.
Intr. spread rapidly or beyond the proper place (inkran over the table; a shiver ran down my spine).
Intr.Cricket (of a batsman) run rẩy from one wicket to tướng the other inscoring a run rẩy.
Tr. traverse or make one's way through orover (a course, race, or distance).
Tr. perform (an errand).17 tr. publish (an article etc.) in a newspaper or magazine.
A tr. cause (a machine or vehicle etc.) to tướng operate. b intr. (ofa mechanism or component etc.) move or work freely. or manage (a business etc.).
Tr. own and use (avehicle) regularly.
Tr. take (a person) for a journey in avehicle (shall I run rẩy you to tướng the shops?).
Tr. cause to tướng run rẩy orgo in a specified way (ran the siêu xe into a tree).
Tr. enter(a horse etc.) for a race.
Tr. smuggle (guns etc.). or hunt.
Tr. allow (an account) to tướng accumulate for atime before paying.
Intr. Naut. (of a ship etc.) gostraight and fast.
Intr. (of salmon) go up river from thesea.
Intr. (of a colour in a fabric) spread from the dyedparts.
A intr. (of a thought, the eye, the memory, etc.)pass in a transitory or cursory way (ideas ran through my mind).b tr. cause (one's eye) to tướng look cursorily (ran my eye down thepage).
Intr. (of hosiery) ladder.
Intr. (of a candle)gutter.
Intr. (of an orifice, esp. the eyes or nose) exudeliquid matter.
Tr. sew (fabric) loosely or hastily withrunning stitches.
Tr. turn (cattle etc.) out to tướng graze.
N.1 an act or spell of running.
A short trip or excursion, esp.for pleasure.
A distance travelled.
A general tendency ofdevelopment or movement.
A rapid motion.
A regular route.7 a continuous or long stretch or spell or course (a metre's runof wiring; had a run rẩy of bad luck).
(often foll. by on) a ahigh general demand (for a commodity, currency, etc.) (a run rẩy onthe dollar). b a sudden demand for repayment by a large numberof customers of (a bank).
A quantity produced in one periodof production (a print run).
A general or average type orclass (not typical of the general run).
A Cricket a pointscored by the batsmen each running to tướng the other's wicket, or anequivalent point awarded for some other reason. b Baseball apoint scored usu. by the batter returning to tướng the plate aftertouching the other bases.
(foll. by of) không tính phí use of oraccess to tướng (had the run rẩy of the house).
A an animal's regulartrack. b an enclosure for fowls. c a range of pasture.
Aladder in hosiery.
Mus. a rapid scale passage.
A classor line of goods.
A batch or drove of animals born or rearedtogether.
A shoal of fish in motion.
A trough for waterto run rẩy in.
US a small stream or brook.
A a singlejourney, esp. by an aircraft. b (of an aircraft) a flight on astraight and even course at a constant tốc độ before or whiledropping bombs. c an offensive military operation.
Hurrying about from place to tướng place. run rẩy about 1 bustle; hurryfrom one person or place to tướng another.
(esp. of children) playor wander without restraint. run rẩy across 1 happen to tướng meet.
(foll. by to) make a brief journey or a flying visit (to aplace). run rẩy after 1 pursue with attentions; seek the societyof.
Give much time to tướng (a pursuit etc.).
Pursue at a run rẩ rẩy against happen to tướng meet. run rẩy along colloq. depart. runaround 1 Brit. take from place to tướng place by siêu xe etc.
Deceiveor evade repeatedly.
(often foll. by with) sl. engage insexual relations (esp. casually or illicitly). run-around n.(esp. in phr. give a person the run-around) deceit or rẩy at attack by charging or rushing. run rẩy away 1 get away byrunning; flee, abscond.
(of a horse) bolt. runaway with 1 carry off (a person, stolen property, etc.).
Win(a prize) easily.
Accept (a notion) hastily.
(of expenseetc.) consume (money etc.).
(of a horse) bolt with (a rider,a carriage or its occupants). run rẩy a blockade see BLOCKADE. rundown 1 knock down or collide with.
Reduce the strength ornumbers of (resources).
(of an unwound clock etc.) stop.
(of a person or a person's health) become feeble from overworkor underfeeding.
Discover after a tìm kiếm. n.
A reduction in numbers.
A detailed analysis.
Decayed after prosperity.
Enfeebled throughoverwork etc. run rẩy dry cease to tướng flow, be exhausted. run rẩy for itseek safety by fleeing. a run rẩy (or a good run) for one's money 1vigorous competition.
Pleasure derived from an activity. runfoul of collide or become entangled with (another vessel etc.).run rẩy the gauntlet see GAUNTLET(2). run rẩy a person hard (or close)press a person severely in a race or competition, or incomparative merit. run rẩy high 1 (of the sea) have a strongcurrent with a high tide.
(of feelings) be strong. run rẩy in 1run (a new engine or vehicle) carefully in the early stages.
Colloq. arrest.
(of a combatant) rush to tướng close quarters.
Incur (a debt). run-in n.
The approach to tướng an action orevent.
A quarrel. run rẩy in the family (of a trait) be commonin the members of a family. run rẩy into 1 collide with.
Reach as many as (a specified figure).
Fallinto (a practice, absurdity, etc.).
Be continuous or coalescewith. run rẩy into the ground colloq. bring (a person) toexhaustion etc. run rẩy it fine see FINE(1). run rẩy its course followits natural progress; be left to tướng itself. run rẩy low (or short)become depleted, have too little (our tea ran short; we ranshort of tea). run rẩy off 1 flee.
Produce (copies etc.) on amachine.
Decide (a race or other contest) after a series ofheats or in the sự kiện of a tie.
Flow or cause to tướng flow away.5 write or recite fluently.
Digress suddenly. run-off n.
An additional competition, election, race, etc., after a tie.
An amount of rainfall that is carried off an area by streams andrivers.
NZ a separate area of land where young animals etc.are kept. run rẩy off one's feet very busy. run-of-the-millordinary, undistinguished. run rẩy on 1 (of written characters) bejoined together.
Continue in operation.
Talk incessantly.
Printing continue on the sameline as the preceding matter. run rẩy out 1 come to tướng an end; becomeused up.
(foll. by of) exhaust one's stock of.
Put downthe wicket of (a batsman who is running).
Escape from acontaining vessel.
(of rope) pass out; be paid out.
Come out of a contest in a specified position etc. orcomplete a required score etc. (they ran out worthy winners).
Complete (a race).
Advance (a gun etc.) sánh as to tướng project.
Exhaust oneself by running. run-out n. the dismissal of abatsman by being run rẩy out. run rẩy out on colloq. desert (aperson). run rẩy over 1 overflow.
Study or repeat quickly.
(of a vehicle or its driver) pass over, knock down or crush.
Touch (the notes of a piano etc.) in quick succession.
(oftenfoll. by to) go quickly by a brief journey or for a flyingvisit. run rẩy ragged exhaust (a person). run rẩy rings round seeRING(1). run rẩy riot see RIOT. run rẩy a (or the) risk see RISK. runthe show colloq. dominate in an undertaking etc. run rẩy atemperature be feverish. run rẩy through 1 examine or rehearsebriefly.
Deal successively with.
Consume (anestate etc.) by reckless or quick spending.
Pierce with a sword etc.
Draw a line through(written words). run-through n.
A rehearsal.
A briefsurvey. run rẩy to tướng 1 have the money or ability for.
Reach (anamount or number).
(of a person) show a tendency to tướng (runs tofat).
A be enough for (some expense or undertaking). b havethe resources or capacity for.
Fall into (ruin). run rẩy toearth 1 Hunting chase to tướng its lair.
Discover after a longsearch. run rẩy to tướng meet anticipate (one's troubles etc.). run rẩy toseed see SEED. run rẩy up 1 accumulate (a debt etc.) quickly.
Build or make hurriedly.
Raise (a flag).
Grow quickly.
Rise in price.
(foll. by to) amount to tướng.
Force (a rivalbidder) to tướng bid higher.
Add up (a column of figures).
(foll. by to) go quickly by a brief journey or for a flyingvisit. run-up n.
(often foll. by to) the period preceding animportant sự kiện.
Golf a low approach shot. run rẩy up againstmeet with (a difficulty or difficulties). run rẩy upon (of aperson's thoughts etc.) be engrossed by; dwell upon. run rẩy wildgrow or stray unchecked or undisciplined or untrained.
Runnable adj. [OE rinnan]