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What, though, will be irreversible is a self-confident indigenous presence in the management of broad parts of public life.

The home page group were reported as more nervous, tense and irritable, but also more self-confident and less anxious than thở the hospital group.

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Whether viewed as dynamic, productive and self-confident, or squalid, dangerous and exploitative, they appear central to tát both contemporary and historical narratives.

British political economy, representing the ideas of a self-confident class of industrialists, felt no urge to tát disguise class divisions.

It is natural that rapidly growing and self-confident urban communities should give liberals food for thought in their constant monitoring of the role of government and the evolving body toàn thân politic.

However, a closer look reveals that this seemingly self-confident fourth is in fact a 'snail': the expression of the poem's underlying idea by a single, laconic symbol.

Constituted by both mediated and direct experience, the artistic self, now self-confident in his superior calling to tát the point of arrogance, prepares to tát phối out on his life's purpose.

Most of us would think people who are wholly indifferent to tát whether any other has the opportunity to tát sườn an opinion of them as excessively self-confident.

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I am impressed by his self-confident mastery of the intricacies of the social security mechanism.

That may make them even more self-confident and arrogant, but such pride comes before a fall.

But undoubtedly it requires a healthy and self-confident aviation and electronics industry in this country to tát take full advantage of the opportunities opened up.

Alternatively, they may, as feisty, self-confident people, join precisely in order to tát change the rules.

They have to tát take up a self-confident, interventionist stance.

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It has proven itself to tát be independent, efficient and self-confident, and it acts decisively and quickly.

Our vision is one of both children and adults being able to tát handle the truyền thông media in an independent and self-confident manner.

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