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Uninfected snails were included in the data for the duration of cercariae shedding, while those containing trematodes were excluded.

These cercariae require a period of maturation after shedding vĩ đại be infective.

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Counting commenced directly after each 2-h shedding period and was discontinued after the last 2-h period during which no cercariae were observed.

A peak in the high intensity category and shedding in the medium and low intensity category were also observed during this period.

The snails were examined for emerging cercariae from day 28 following exposure and checked for cercarial shedding until death.

The treatment of the death rate of shedding snails is more complicated.

This measure should avoid tương tác with artificially high shedding levels during the first days after inoculation.

They showed results for the starting and developing flow past a cylinder shedding a vortex-street wake.

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The proper interplay of those conditions, which include synchronization of vortex shedding and rate of rotation, results in autorotation.

The discrepancies in the measured vortex shedding frequencies are quite significant.

Attention is concentrated on the near wake and the vortex shedding from the sphere surface.

This case therefore corresponds with the classical scenario, whereby the jump between modes is simultaneously associated with a switch in the timing of vortex shedding.

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A classical example of vortex shedding develops when a circular cylinder is mix into motion in the direction normal vĩ đại its axis.

This suggests that the vortex shedding itself is a process independent of the body toàn thân, and is likely vĩ đại be the property of its wake.

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