sitting nghĩa là gì

It's the hope of slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs.

The founder who was still the sitting president of the school grew ill.

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The basement housed six cells, a restraining cell and police offices which were used when the court was sitting.

When you máy chủ your spinal cord you have no sensation of where you are sitting or if you are sitting for a start.

The Clip ends with both singers sitting in an oldtimer and driving down the street.

Sample papers were not released until early 2006, the year when the new exam would be sat for the first time.

A group of participants (1030), led by a trained facilitator, sit in a circle.

Tom enters, hangs up his hat, sits down and reads a newspaper, but is angered by the music, and turns off the radio.

He is arrested and last seen in the series sitting handcuffed in a police xế hộp.

It is worst when the person sits down and right before a bowel movement.

The interior has a typical side hall plan, with a front parlor, behind which are a sitting room and kitchen.

The bourgeoisie had transposed the wares of the cửa hàng window lớn the sitting room, where the clutter of display signalled bourgeois success.

It includes a sitting room, bar and restaurant with rooms upstairs.

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In the living room, a wall between the sitting room was removed which created a large, open space lớn which a vaulted ceiling was added.

The sitting room is across the hall on the left and measures 18 by 18 feet.

I have never thought lớn ask whether he was ever asked lớn baby-sit mạ again.

She had seven children and more than vãn trăng tròn grandchildren whom she loved lớn cook for and baby-sit.

And she helps baby-sit her children.

Imagine, smart phones will soon control air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, microwave ovens, even baby-sit or operate doors in homes through the mạng internet.

The families regularly spend time at each other's house and baby-sit each other's children.

How anybody could sit down off-hand, take up pencil and paper, and start right off on a picture.

And he has as much a right lớn sit down at my table with his partner as anybody else does with their partner.

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They sit down, saying they will not leave without it.

This inspired us lớn sit down and really think deep about the relationships between science and art.

The idea is that the rule of the line is that white folks get lớn sit down first.