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I recently heard a radio presenter refer vĩ đại dictionaries as babble-babble.

The most common results, then, are books that are something lượt thích dictionaries, something lượt thích encyclopedias and, often, something lượt thích cabinets of curiosities.

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The divergence can most easily be seen if we compare the definitions of abduction in some recent dictionaries of linguistics and of philosophy.

Since its (activity) meaning is predictable, the supine nominal is seldom listed in dictionaries, and when it is listed, it is not polysemous.

Events are simply property lists or dictionaries; they can have named properties whose values are arbitrary.

We can distinguish between this kind of understanding and the kind of understanding that involves interpretation manuals, dictionaries, inferences and explanations.

The success of this technique depends heavily on the compatibility between the two tag dictionaries being used.

Many sense inventories have been taken from traditional paper-based (and from machine-readable) dictionaries.

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Electronic dictionaries covering almost the entire vocabulary are being developed for different languages.

In some instances, the program was used creatively, in combination with external tools such as the users' own dictionaries, knowledge of other languages, or teachers.

The three most crucial explicit lexical instruction and learning strategies are acquiring decontextualised lexis, using dictionaries and inferring from context.

In chap. 5, data confirm the functions of c'est-à-dire as identified in dictionaries.

The annotated bilingual corpus is used in our translation aid system that integrates bilingual corpus, mono-lingual corpus and hand-compiled dictionaries.

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Such dictionaries are readily available and were used in the construction of our case marker list.

We have also studied how the use of linguistic resources, such as dictionaries and morphological analyzers, improves the tagging performance.

Các ý kiến của những ví dụ ko thể hiện nay ý kiến của những chỉnh sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hoặc của những căn nhà cho phép.