wide ranging là gì

It is wide-ranging, perceptive, and clearly and economically written.

My first encounter with this volume left bủ somewhat bemused at how đồ sộ respond đồ sộ such an absorbing and wide-ranging collection of essays.

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The essays in this collection, wide-ranging and eclectic as they are, cannot easily or with one voice answer this question.

Three essays in art history are particularly wide-ranging.

In such an ambitious and wide-ranging enterprise, sins of omission and commission are inevitable.

The programmes they advocate are wide-ranging, impinging on immigration, trade, industrial development, child labour, food quality, and corporate structures.

The book contains a series of wide-ranging discussions that are designed đồ sộ encourage independence of thought and action in adult students.

This is a wide-ranging and useful survey of recent policies and practice, but is too focused on outlining official developments.

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In summary, the presented empirical findings show that in acute depression, subjects suffer from wide-ranging cognitive impairments, for which recovery is often incomplete.

The volume is admirably thorough and wide-ranging and covers this ample ground - including controversial topics - in a fair and even-handed fashion.

It is difficult đồ sộ bởi justice đồ sộ such a wide-ranging collection of authoritative papers.

In contrast, crises - environmental pressures that highlight wide-spread inefficiencies in extant domestic institutions or afford elites wide-ranging autonomy from short-term political constraints - open macro-windows.

Roberts' book is detailed and dense, as one would expect from its wide-ranging nature.

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The facility delivers a wide-ranging experimental program in fundamental physics and advanced applications.

Contaminated water not only affects humans but can profoundly alter ecosystems, suggesting again a complex and wide-ranging trang web of reverberations.

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